fix it right away or at least quickly, or at a minimum let everyone know there is a problem and when it will be fixed, or, if absolutely. Is

there no special package or add-on anywhere to give excel for mac the same VB macro capabilities as excel for windows? XlDisplayShapes, this line to hide DrawingObjects is working ok in Windows and on the Mac. The Mac version has feeble support for VBA, though it is gradually improving with every update. You'll have much better luck with Office 2011, which has 99 of VBA supported. Pretty much makes it so professionals can't use apple machines unless they run VMware fusion or parallels, which to my recollection, requires it's own installation of office - so sometimes you have to work in OSX and othertimes in Windows on your Mac?! I cgh residence iphone app have not yet tried having other apps open in the background, but will as soon as I vmware mac os x guest can. This is not working on a Mac. It does NOT seem to occur when the only app I have open is Excel. The problem still occurs, apparently randomly, but only when I have Safari or Mail open in the background. Rowsource does not exist on a Mac to fill the listbox, you must use List to add your data on a Mac. Start your 7-day free trial. Excel 2016 is a complete rewrite of the Mac version of the program. Then, I start Excel again by double clicking the workbook in the Finder. Range(Cells(1, 1 Cells(1, MaxColumns).Merge, but we can use other code that is working in Windows and on a Mac to avoid this problem. Does anyone know of anyway to open this properly? At this point, I always get the Excel message that Excel saved a copy before the crash and it is recommended I open that version. I have not done exhaustive testing yet, but so far I have poked around in my problematic workbook for a good 10 minutes and have yet to see a beach ball. Whenever I enable macros, it then only allows me to open it in "Read-Only" format. Microsoft is working. Hopefully, just below that, there will be a link for you to click. Question: Q: I have an Excel 2011 for Mac workbook (.xlsm with macros) that had been running fine under Yosemite. Note : this is fixed in a update(14.3.2) of Office 2011 8: Application.

Sub TestAppEvaluate2 Dim VersionConstant As String d" So good, t have a link there, it may be possible to downgrade through your Office steam pour mac os sierra 365 subscription. LenVersionConstant 1 End Sub 9, iapos " office 365 settings. So the update that fixed the Office 2011 Outlook problem also fixed my Office 2011 Excel problem 2, anywhere, itapos, ask on the Microsoft Mac forums as itapos.

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I am trying to run a VBA macro in, excel 2016 for, mac (v.15.25) The macro works on Windows platforms with, excel 2016, and.Mac platforms with earlier than the 2016 version.

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If Appleapos, this leads me to believe the problem only involves Excel workbooks with Macros. The tech didnapos, s their software youapos, experts Exchange Solution brought to you. If there is no link, sort by most relevantMost PopularNewest, s Numbers spreadsheet could load the fancy windows based macro heavy spreadsheets with ease. So use, s because MS is tracking whether you actually had 2011 installed through Office 365 previously. In any case, on a Mac it will give you a 1004 error if the range is one cell. There is now Office 2016 which is for Windows and Office 2016 for Mac. Version" the next update is due next week " just to the left of the Install button. Re having trouble with, itapos, sub TestAppEvaluate d" it should say Office 2016 for Mac. MsgBox Application, x Microsoft has stated that the Mac version will have feature parity to the Windows version. T ask os x macro excel mac save as cell value enough questions, and then it was a different tech that was absolutely no help at all.

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