its regular guidelines. System Status also lists a ton of other stats and data for you. Turning off un-needed portions of iCloud will help you improve battery life

in iOS. Tap any process and read a quick description of it in a small window under the list. Macworld recently posted his findings and was able to find an issue with corrupt Contacts in iCloud that kept a process running indefinitely, which was causing battery drain on his device. Siri to do some work for you. This modern technology device is getting up great after its big successful launch in the first week of October 2011. So you're getting an iPhone. The layout of the tasks are a bit too tall which limits the list to 6 tasks shown at a time. The other useful feature of AppSwitch is the Console tab where you can view or search for a list of messages sent to your iPhone from various applications. If you are willing to dig around a bit, grab one of the apps below, and keep an eye on your memory usage, running tasks, and activity logs. IOptimizer is a powerful utility app and best of all it is free. Not all users will have the same issue however, and it will eventually be up to Apple to release an iOS update to perhaps patch the evident battery bug.

Practical utilities and a few upandcomers. Photo Stream, system Activity Monitor is simple and it works quite well. Although it feels like that time information should just be on the list view. As is done in the System Activity Monitor app below. And vbs again in most cases this seems to be related to iCloud accounts including Contacts. The main tab in AppSwitch is the Processes area which is a list of running tasks along with their PID. I then deleted all my mail accounts and readded them which has since seemed to fix part of the problem. Email, reminders, bookmarks, storage graph, documents and Data, top music hits.

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It is the essence of iPhone 4S and can be improved further in upcoming additions and models. Another issue I found using these activity monitoring apps was that there was an issue with the MobileMail being left open even when closed. There are also battery and system information screens. IOptimizer lets you either print or email a track my iphone app list of the processes which is great for documenting and tracking down any possible curl pits. Siri can support languages like mac os mavericks release date English.

The Process page is flat and simple and shows up to 8 at a time, along with available icons, runtime, PID and priority info.Topics: Apps and Software, iPhone, iPhone 4S, iPhone Apps, Mobile, Tech, Web Apps.