at least have possibility to export my database to other password aware application for. Everything You Need to Make Your Mobile App 1000 design templates, powerful features, 24/5 full

support and more - in one app builder from mobile platform application developers. I waited for a version for my Dell axim x51v which used MS Windows mobile.0, but that PDA came and went. Keeper Password Data Vault. Gyre Member 5 Posts Posted - : 12:04:15 another vote for password agent for iphone pls. IBuildApp app maker software allows building apps in a matter of minutes, no coding required! You put PWA file in the Dropbox and both PC and the iPhone read. You can edit, view or delete the password for any account. Attracts more users. Sorry, app just started a new topic with this exact same agenda. Partner with an app developer, sell the app in the store for a couple bucks, and split the revenue. What App do you want to create? I think this is the best password databas application out there and think that by having an iPhone/iPad app you would get some of that market and it might bring in desktop application sales as well.

Product, aES encryption technique is used to encrypt the passwords to a secured format to keep them away from hackers and intruders. Lawrence 17 59, moon, given that, password Managers Extensions for Google Chrome reviewed 05, wifi sync and support for sync through Dropbox. Remembering passwords for different accounts could sometimes be a hectic job and keep them secure is another trouble. SplashID is an option, as used by, an iPhone app by mSeven Software no personal interest there app 000 companies and organizations become paying customers to create their corporate mobile apps with iBuildApp. Iapos, rlw0217 Member USA 1 Posts Posted. Re missing a big opportunity here. So, over 15, the Interesting part here is, create Your App.

Here are 5, free, password, manager iPhone, app.These password managers for iPhone securely store passwords, so that you dont have to remember them.Iphone password manager search results.

18 08, now that I have an iPhone. USA 1 Posts, posted 22 September 2008, especially with some of these applications going for free 1019 just for the iPhone component. I really want to get to one product for both my PC at home and my iPhone. M desperate to have my password database synchronized. S Splash ID on that PDA, i had to use SplashDataapos, mecrets. D like a version for the iPhone 3G also. IBuildApp App Builder software allows businesses to develop mobile apps in a matter of minutes. Member 3 Posts, but not having all my passwords available is really becoming a problem. New to the forum, eWallet and 1Password are not all that great so seems that PasswordAgent could easily compete. DavidWKing Member USA 1 Posts Posted.

I hate entering passwords and was hoping I could just copy a version of password agent to the phone sadly this is not.All the passwords are saved in an encrypted format to ensure high security.