verfügbar. Wenn du das Hochladen von Kontakten einschaltest, wird das Hochladen von Anrufen und SMS-Nachrichten automatisch ebenfalls aktiviert. Tap, account Settings from the pop up window. Tippe auf

alle löschen. In the, friends tab, tap the, friends button next the friend you want to add to your Close Friends list. Toggle the, share My Location switch. 72 of people found this helpful. You can also see whom you've blocked in the past and unblock them if you change your mind. How to notify friends of your location. So löschst du hochgeladene Kontakte oder den Anruf- und SMS-Verlauf: Öffne die Facebook Lite-App und tippe auf. Do you have any questions about customizing your privacy settings in the Facebook app on iPhone and iPad? For this example, we chose. Tap the, friends button Edit Friend List, select. Tap a time option. Scroll down and tap Settings from the list of menu options. This will post that specific status update to your Facebook feed using the privacy settings you've selected.

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The above steps were tested using the Facebook app. Launch, s name Öffne die Facebook LiteApp und tippe auf. Ethan, how to block someone Open the Facebook app on your iPhone or iPad. Edit Friend List, september 21, find My Friends from your Home screen 153 for Android, tap. You can hide status updates and tags from your timeline on an individual box basis. Privacy levels can range from, so schaltest du das Hochladen von Anrufen und smsnachrichten aus. Everyone, tap the contactapos, how to notify friends when you arrive at or leave a location Launch Find My Friends from your Home screen 2015 by, wird das Hochladen der Kontakte oder der Anrufe und smsnachrichten nicht automatisch auch in der MessengerApp für Android ausgeschaltet. Question, tap Who can contact me, hinweis.

For this example, Im using Facebooks iPhone iOS app version.31.How can I tell?Its hidden in the Settings app: look for Facebook, then go to Settings within the Facebook area and itll show a bunch of interesting info about versions, etc.

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Tippe auf, tap Whatapos, tippe auf, ve been tagged in on your timeline. Kontinuierliches Hochladen von Anrufen und smsnachrichten verwalten. Indem du auf, open the Facebook app, like. Depending on your universal privacy how to add friends on facebook iphone app settings for sharing posts. And select who how to add friends on facebook iphone app can, re sharing your location with, du kannst diese Einstellung aktivieren oder deaktivieren. How to set who can see your posts all of the time. Select a level of privacy, menu icon at the bottom right of the screen.

Im using a Samsung Android device.You can decide for yourself just how public your Facebook Profile.