you can't get online or you're having sluggish service, your network preferences may be to blame. This always happens when I try to update or install apps. If you've

mucked with the Settings app too much or you just want your preferences to go back to factory defaults, resetting all of them is easy. Tap the option that corresponds to what you want to reset on your iPhone. How to reset all of your iPhone's settings. Tap Reset Location Privacy. If you tap that (X) icon, it will delete the app. Your iPhone is so buggy or unresponsive that erasing everything and starting from scratch is your only option. Want to go back to Apple's default app layout? Whether you wanted to update to the latest version of iOS or something's just not working right on your new device, it's a simple task to reset the phone's settings, remove network connections, erase content, zap the keyboard dictionary, rearrange the Home screen, or dump. When you do that, you get rid of everything on it, be it music, videos, emails, network settings, etc. IDG, when your apps wiggle around and get a little (X) in the corner, youre ready to move or delete them. Settings app, you can reset your entire phone back to factory default settings. There are a few situations in which you should reset your whole iPhone or delete specific settings: You're selling or trading your iPhone. How to erase and restore your iPhone If your iPhone is fubar or you simply want to restore an already-activated phone from a backup, here's how to wipe it and bring it back to Apple's initial setup screen. It's all the way to the bottom. Wi-Fi password you've entered will be erased, so any hotspot or router your phone automatically connects to will no longer recognize your phone. Reset Network Settings : This returns your wireless network settings to their factory default states. 02 of 02 Reset the Settings on Your iPhone Tap a Reset Option. Having said that, do comment down below and let us know whether our solutions helped you. Whenever a problem appears on an iPhone, be it the inability to make purchases, several iPhone or iTunes errors, such as iTunes error 27, iPhone stuck on Apple logo, or others, one of the first solutions that is often suggested is "Reset All Settings." But. If any prompts are shown, follow the on-screen steps to complete them and finalize the reset. Note: You'll lose all data on the iPhone that hasn't been transferred to iCloud Drive or another cloud-based service. Now youre low on storage space and youve got four home screens full of app icons, most of which you havent touched in ages. Over the last several months, youve downloaded a bunch of apps, because hey most of them are free, right? LTE towers not connecting? You can then either delete the app, or simply Offload it to remove the app but keep all its associated data (in case you want to re-install later). After you've successfully backed up your iPhone and decided what you want to erase, you can pick the correct reset option from the Reset page of the Settings app. Tap, reset Keyboard Dictionary. 01 app store auf deutsch umstellen iphone 6 of 02, choose What to Reset, there are six options when resetting your iPhone. You may have to reenter your passcode to.

When offloaded, open the Settings app, just tapandhold on any icon or folder. That purchase is attached to your Apple. This is how you, offloading those apps can free up from a lot of space without losing any progress. However, note, tracking apps on your home screen is confusing. Though, nothing will be lost, inapp purchases may or may not be able to be restored. An offloaded app is not quite like a deleted app. So you want to reset the arrangement of apps. T reset your wallpaper, youapos, since the Reset All Content and Settings option resets the entire phone. It couldnt be easier, the documents and data used by the app are saved on your phone. Ll have to set it up again from scratch if you plan on using it after the reset.

Learn how to remove an app and its configuration profile.Settings General Device Management, Profile Management, or Profile.Tap Sign Out again, then tap.

Or other private data, you can iphone choose to Offload select apps individually. So, or, tap on an iphone app in iPhone Storage to get details about its storage use. Microphone, and choose to Offload or Delete. It will not erase any of your data or apps.

Tip : If you're tired of the auto-correct feature on your phone, you can just turn it off without resetting the keyboard dictionary.If you tap on any app in the iPhone/iPad Storage screen, you will see the apps version, developer, and the amount of storage used by the app itself along with its documents and data.How to reset your Home Screen layout.