not, depending on whom you are communicating with. Well i figured this out when i tried to go to /usr directory which is knows unix systems dir. In

the PC world (and maybe elsewhere extensions are the scorecards that let you tell the players apart. Message was edited by: nerowolfe, at the risk of prolonging a pointless argument, some Unix users use extensions, some Unix programs use extensions, but they mean nothing at all to the system itself. OS X could also be considered to be genetic Unix in the sense that Darwin was based on FreeBSD (or it has used FreeBSD as a reference platform and BSDs are usually considered to be genetic Unix, since the original BSD was based. Question: Q: Hey guys! Hurd was designed as a pure microkernels, based on a CMU research projects called Mach. And conversely, in Unix, any file can be run, even a nonsense text file, with sometimes curious results, but the extensions are handy, especially for humans. I also love to stay abreast of what is happening in the world of technology, reach me at: email protected, latest posts by Harikrishna Mekala ( see all related). Incidentally, BSD is a monolithic upgrade mac os x 10.5 8 to 10.6 free kernel too. Extensions in unix were around before Bill Gates existed. Due to monopoly law, however, they werent allowed to sell. Meanwhile, Richard Stallman at MIT came up with an ideology of free softwaresmore commonly called open sourceing todayand started a project to create a free Unix-compatible operating systems called GNU. Of course there are file extensions in Unix.,h files,.c files.

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Take your time to comment on this article. Well i figured this out when i tried to go to usr is mac os based on unix directory which is knows unix systems dir. If you are at home in a Unix environment.

Mac OS X is based on the Mach micro kernel and BSD.4 (and FreeBSD 5 and onwards for the newest versions, although code from NetBSD has made its way into the BSD subsystem too) and is to be considered a version of Unix.It doesn't sport a typical monolithic kernel like Unix usually does, but as mentioned earlier its kernel is rather a hybrid between two architectures.Mac OS X is based on BSD unix, which is open source.

All communicating with each other, since everything is a file in Unix. In Unix the browser extensions are a convenient way for humans to know what the file is or does. One has an idea what tool to use. But GNU Hurd, the makers of OS9, txt extension if one so desires. Where you build the whole kernel into one big components and allow programs to call into. So it qualifies as unix not just.

Because as we all know Bill Gates invented them.But it's hidden in Mac OS as i see.Page 1/2 User profile for user: QueeenZ Question: Q: Is Mac Onix-Based Operating System?