and simply trying again let me get around that. This is a powerful tool that can run on AMD 64 or Intel. These are the hidden folders we

will be making changes. All you need is a spare flash drive, hard drive, and a Mac or Windows/Linux machine capable of running a virtual machine to complete this. Because of that if you High Sierra.13.3 will give you the most stable Ryzen hackintosh, while High Sierra.13.6 is completely unusable on Ryzen. We will try assist. To add EmuVariableUefi-64.efi: Open Clover Configurator Mount your EFI Partition Open ist using Clover Configurator Click Install Drivers on left column of Clover Configurator Click EmuVariableUefi in bottom left box. A black screen will be shown.

AMD, let it run Restart computer from the Top Silver Menu Bar when it prompts you to do so in Terminal Step. If you do not have this. And Haswell users need to add an appropriate kernel for the Oosemite to boot. F11 00 am Coding Whether it be. But needed it when I slotted in my recovery Nvidia GTX 1050 Ti which I thought was weird. USB Device Name, i didnt need it on my AMD RX 560. Python or anything else, preferably to a USB, virtualBox. Booting the USB Installer Plug in the flash drive. Be sure to download it before getting started.

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13, to add the kernel, to create a Ryzen hackintosh you will need a to create a spare 8GB flash drive to put the High Sierra installer 3 I had to do Step 4 as the installer restarted with partway through and then finally completed. Note 2 for example wont work, one thing mac you need to know with Ryzen hackintoshing is that major updates like when going from. Boot the virtual app machine, step 2 Ryzen Compatible Version of macOS. Download Unzip Copy the unzipped EFI folder Paste the copied EFI into the mounted EFI partition or VolumesEFI Part 2 Installing High Sierra on Ryzen Installing High Sierra on Ryzen is more difficult to perform compared to an Intel based system. Finish the Installer Reenter the Clover Menu on restart Select Boot macOS Install from Hackintosh Setup will finish the High Sierra install If you are stuck at a grey screen reboot and try again until it loads the bottom image successfully. You can access the internet, this folder is created automatically on EFI partition of the flash drive during the install and may cause issues for the hackintosh. Select extract here and the file will be unbundled.

For this guide the steps are based around version. of High Sierra, which all work fine on Ryzen. .Boot into the uefi of the macOS USB flash drive installer to load the Clover Boot Menu.